About Us

Looking for GERM-FREE promotional products? You've come to the right place! PromoGuard™ is the world-exclusive distributor of XTI-360™ germ-free, nanocoated promotional products. XTI-360™ is the world's most advanced, self-cleaning, nanocoating technology, that kills and vaporizes dangerous virus and bacteria germs on contact (including norovirus, the hardest virus to kill). XTI-360™'s long-lasting coating is 100% safe, green, RoHS compliant, and has no chemical binder (food safe). With >99.99% efficacy (proven by US SGS Labs), XTI-360™ works to protect you 24/7, even in the dark, for at least one year! Don't just take our word for it - visit XTI-360.com to view the testing reports. Don't let COVID-19 or any other germs hurt your ability to creatively promote your business or protect your staff and clients. Choose PromoGuard™ today!

Our Team

Our Team is made up of industry experts from the hospitality, events, and promotions industries. We take great pride in providing the highest quality and safest products for our customers, while keeping their budgets in mind. Not exactly sure what you're looking for? Contact one of our team members to help you strategize and provide some insight on the latest popular items!

Emily Hartstone 

Vice President
Chaunsea Keller

VP - Creative
Peter Catalfu

Customer Service